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Frequently Asked Question

Q. What should I do if I have COVID19 symptoms but test negative using the Classifier test using chest X-Ray?

A patient classified as negative for COVID19 after uploading the chest x-ray but having symptoms of COVID19 should get tested at the hospital.

Q. What should I do if I am classified as Positive?

To quickly detect pneumonia - and therefore better distinguish between COVID19 patients likely to need more supportive care in the hospital and those who could be followed closely at home - UC San Diego Health radiologists and other physicians are now using artificial intelligence (AI) to augment lung imaging analysis in a clinical research study enabled by Classifier.

Q. How soon after infection will a test show positive result?

Asymptomatic infection has been reported, but the majority of the relatively rare cases who are asymptomatic on the date of identification/report went on to develop disease. The proportion of truly asymptomatic infections is unclear but appears to be relatively rare and does not appear to be a major driver of transmission.

Q. How accurate are the COVID19 tests using chest X-Rays?

In results published on medRxiv, the researchers claim that their model identified COVID19 from Chest X-Ray images with an accuracy of 89.5%. Two radiologists who also assessed the images achieved an accuracy of around 55%. The team say that the results demonstrate that AI can offer accurate diagnosis from a Chest X-Ray Result.

RT-PCR tests are accurate but it takes too much time, energy and trained personnel to run the tests. "There will never be the ability on a [PCR] test to do 300 million tests a day or to test everybody before they go to work or to school

Q. How do I order a Classifier test using X-Ray?

You can upload the x-ray image on this page and get the results instantly.

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