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How AI is playing a critical role in fighting COVID 19

The world is facing the corona virus with extreme safety measures and social distancing practices. Experts from various fields are contributing a lot in fighting against this deadly global pandemic.

The major problem with this COVID-19 virus is that it can spread off to many people through various communities in a very short span of time. This is where the COVID -19 virus creates nightmares to the medical staff and doctors. The testing and diagnosis for thousands of patients at one particular point of time might be nearly impossible.

AI can be game changer in fighting Corona Virus

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing day by day and complex problems are being solved with the help of sophisticated AI Algorithms. In Early January, AI experts believed that AI can contribute like a rock in fighting the COVID 19 virus. The moment scientists declared that the virus is capable of spreading rapidly the AI experts set into action.

Mass Screenings using AI

With the help of AI mass thermal screenings can be done in patient records like the x-rays and other respiratory related diagnostic tests. Using sophisticated AI algorithms, patients affected with the COVID-19 can be determined in mass screenings.

The data and patterns can be obtained using machine language and AI can give us the outputs.AI can also be used in finding out the perfect drug for treating the virus.

The data of thousands of medicines can be analyzed and a perfect drug can be found out. Scientists and experts are working hard to narrow down a perfect drug to combat corona virus and AI is playing a major role in it.

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