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Are X rays reliable for COVID19 – Corona Virus Detection & Diagnosis

Covid 19 is a pandemic which has scared the whole world ifrom the start if 2020. From the first world countries to developing countries, the governments, scientists, doctors are all facing an unprecedented situation for the past three months.

The actual risk of the COVID19 – Corona Virus is that it can spread across communities at a brisk rate and if not controlled several thousands can acquire the virus in a matter of days.

Several countries declared shutdowns and social distancing for this very same reason. The disease is mainly attacks the respiratory systems and the lungs will get affcted for the prsons who have acquired the virus.

The symptoms of corona virus infection are very similar to common cold and flu. Hence the diagnosis of the this virus infection has to be made at a very early stage . X-rays screening is playing a huge role in corona virus detection.

Though the X-ray patterns of COVD 19 affected patients can be similar to pneumonia it still can be differentiated from a normal person. The other advantage with x-rays is fairly availble in even the under developed nations throughout the world. So during this kind of global pandemic attack, x-rays can be a game changer.

  • The accuracy rate of X –rays is around 90 % acciording the scientists and experts.
  • However, x-rays cannot be a only source to confirm the virus for patients. The patterns of several samplings can be analysed using sophisticated AI & ML techniques.
  • Thus in this unprecedented Global pandemic attack situation, X-rays have become more or less reliable source for the diagnosis of COVID19 – Corona Virus.
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